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022 196 7109 03 539 1122 1/26 Gloucester St. Nelson

We hired Tim to pull out some old trees, source and plant new ones and help us to rejuvenate our grass areas. Tim and his team worked through the rain and mud to get the job done on time and on budget. They pulled out the old trees then had to battle with an immovable root system and a random concrete block on a metal rod. They overcame those issues, sourced a gorgeous new Magnolia, aerated the soil, sowed new grass seed, pulled out all the dock, removed all the waste and bucketed in new soil. + We threw some extra work on them at the last minute and they managed to squeeze that in too (trimmed some other trees and planted our fruit trees in their new bed + spread bark across those areas).

We would highly recommend Tim from Tim’s Garden to anyone looking for a gardener. He is friendly, knowledgeable and hardworking. We liked his focus on sustainability and working with what is already there if you can.

Thanks Tim! We can’t wait for our new grass to grow and to finally have a nice Summer outdoor area that is level and feels great under our toes