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Our team

Our team is built of experienced designers, gardeners and landscapers who are dedicated and passionate about their work. We all work together to provide a high quality service for all our customers. 

Tim Morozgalski
Business Owner

Position: Owner

Time at the company: From seed

Best part about working for Tim’s Garden: Two parts really. We have a great team that work really well together. We take pride in what we do and have fun while we do it. Secondly hearing great feedback on the shop or our jobs puts a big smile on my face. 

Previous work: Environmental management. Quite a tree hugger and have been involved in sustainability projects since I graduated. I’ve been a keen gardener since I was a child and have always liked the way gardens make you feel. 

Favourite plant & edible plant: Love growing tomatoes. I like the varieties and the instant feedback they give you. 

Interests/hobbies: football, music, cycling, time with my son, food and a good beer. 

Gardening tip: play the long game. Work smart, then work hard.

Andrew Halton

Time at the company: June 2020

Best part about working for Tim’s Garden: Working with an awesome group of people, who are passionate about building amazing outdoor spaces.

Previous work: Landscaping and Hostel management.

Favourite plant & edible plant: King protea, can’t beat the good old potato.

Interests/hobbies: Camping, looking after my veggie garden.

Gardening tip: Use old coffee grounds all over the garden.

Ricky Holley
Gardener and Landscaping Assistant

Time at the company: since May 2019

Best part about working for Tim’s Garden: Helping busy people create beautiful garden spaces to enjoy and coming back to see them and keeping them in pristine condition year round. Working with a great team in the outdoors.

Previous work: Most recently for the last 2 years has been a stay at home dad while my wife returned to work.

Favourite plant & edible plant: Euphorbia Obesa (yes i’m the cactus guy) Edible plant would have to be tomatoes, variety cherry i enjoy taking my little toddler Elliott out with me, he loves picking them and munching on them.

Interests/hobbies: As i said i’m the Cactus guy so collecting interesting cacti and succulents. Kayak fishing during the summer months. Spending time at the beach with my son digging holes and building castles.

Gardening tip: Even in a small area you can create a wonderful edible garden.

Sabina Gilberg
Gardener and Shop Assistant

Time at the company: Since October 2019.

Best part about working for Tim’s garden: Best part is working with a great team and for an environmentally friendly business.

Previous work: I used to own my own gardening business, doing garden maintenance, advice and planning until I’ve sold it nearly two years ago to travel around New Zealand with my partner in a caravan.
I have also worked in a honey center and in a local cafe as well as teaching Belly Dance for many years.

Favourite plant & edible plant: To pick a favourite plant is very tricky, there are so many. I love flowers, peonies and salvias and big-leaved plants like pukas.

Edible plant maybe the quince tree, beautiful blossom, big leaves and fragrant fruit, or hazelnut or rhubarb.

Interests & Hobbies: All of those are great for baking which I really enjoy.
I also still love gardening, dancing, painting and meeting friends.
Gardening tip: Watch your garden throughout the year and notice when it doesn’t look so good, maybe you need a flowering plant amongst there to lift it up.

Mikel Ellson
Shop and Nursery Manager

Time at Company: Around 6 months

Best part about working for Tim’s Garden: Meeting other geeky plant people

Previous work: Coffee Specialist

Favourite plant & edible plant: Coleus’ & solanum tuberosum

Interests/Hobbies: Hiking/raising a great kid

Gardening tip: Green side up!

Dan Kearney

Time at company: I’m the new addition to the family. Starting in July 2020. 

Best part of working for Tim’s Garden: Organics!! For years my work roles required me to use chemicals, so I’m very excited to be working in a company that uses organic products and eager to learn more about the processes. 

Previous work: I had various work roles over the years including adventure tourism, conservation ranger, working in events but have always found my way back into the gardens. 

Favourite plants:
Favourite exotic- Bird of paradise
Favourite scent – Jasmin
Favourite natives – ferns
Favourite edibles – I have just discovered the gorse flower, which has a lovely coconut flavour. Its free and found everywhere 

Interest/hobbies: tramping, outdoor adventures, yoga, meditation, music, Vedic and buddhist studies, and sustainable living. 

Gardening tip: It pays to spend 10-20 mins per day working in your garden than to spend a whole weekend once every few months. 

Sorie Stone
Marketing Executive and Administrator

Time at the company: since October 2019

Best part about working for Tim’s Garden: Working for a local gardening business that is ecologically conscious; in an ‘office’ surrounded by plants with a friendly team and marketing a product I believe in.

Previous work: Marketing, ESL teacher and Forest Ranger.

Favourite plant & edible plant: Bougainvellias for their intense colours and how they add so much character to a building, pergola, veranda. Favourite edible plant is Cavolo Nero 100%, can’t get enough of it!

Interests/hobbies: Nature, sustainability, tiny houses, macrobiotic food, Ayurveda, slow living. I enjoy cooking for my family, nature walks, swimming in the ocean/ rivers, yoga, meditation, reading, life.

Gardening tip: Grow what you love eating, seeing and smelling.